*}{* Honorsquad News & Updates
2/7/07  Honorsquad.com has launched 2 servers, a Ranked BF2 and a Ranked F2142 server.
4/11/07 *}{* Honorsquad }MH{ celebrates its 7th Anniversary.  A Call of Duty United Offensive Server is Launched along with a Battlefield 1942 Desert Combat Server. 
5/13/07 Honorsquad.com sends out Mother’s Day Flowers to Our Co-Founder & honorary Mother of the squad, Lioness}MH{ & newest member & mother, Saobao*}{*Gigi.
5/30/07 Honorsquad.com moves website providers from Hostrocket to Hypernia.net. 
Summer 2007 We gained a few players while hosting our Ranked BF2142 Titan Server.  For a bit, we also added a Ranked Conquest BF2142 Server, but shut it down when people mostly wanted to play Titan Mode.

2/11/08 Game Tracker Stats added to the Servers and by April we had over 5000 players on our BF 2142 Ranked Server.  We had well over 10,000 players by the end of the year as we mainly get a lot of repeat customers.

4/11/09 For our 9th anniversary, *}{* Honorsquad }MH{ received some updates to the server.  We’re hosting Ranked 32 Player BF2142 Titan Server, 16 Player BF Vietnam Server, 16 Player BF2 AIX Coop Server, 32 Player BF1942 Desert Combat Coop Server, 3 Ventrilo Servers, and have added a 16 player COD 2 Server.  JimmyR*}{* is helping create a mod for the COD2 server.  We were hoping to have a Novalogic retrospective for the month; however, it seems as though Novalogic has made it difficult to host from home.
9/26/09 =EFS= lost its page some time ago & we welcomed them to our Ventrilo & servers. They are a good bunch of people and Deputy & his squad mates were welcomed here. So without further ado, Welcome *}{*DeputySheriff- Full Honors Awarded.
10/1/09 Hypernia Upgrades our Games as they were closing the datacenter in Chicago & moving to a new data center.  This also caused all our Gaming IP's to change. 
11/24/09 We've had the COD2 server going for a few months.  I also turned off the Ranked BF2 server until I can upload the AIX2 Coop mod & change that server.  I'm also hoping to serve the Demo of Battlefield Bad Company 2 when it is available.

2/27/10 Rather than add BC2 to our existing server (causing lag & VOIP issues), I've decided to get a separate BC2 server. We can keep it in Chicago or get a server in NY, NJ or PA. What do you think?  I've also put up our Ranked BF2 Server to help hone our skills and have shut down the BF 2142 Conquest Server for now. Battlefield Bad Company 2 coming March 2, 2010.
6/12/10 Taking a break for the Summer.  We continue to Host BF2142, BF 1942 DCF, BF Vietnam & Ventrilo.
12/30/10 Added 32 Player Ranked BFBC2 Vietnam Server.  We now are hosting: BFBC2, BF2142, BF 1942 DCF, BF Vietnam & Ventrilo.

10/25/11 BF3 is released.  Unfortunately, my system could hardly handle BFBC2, so I skipped on this purchase. Been playing BF1942 DCF & getting a pretty good showing each night.

4/11/13 *}{* Honorsquad }MH{ turns 13.  Members are playing BF 3 & waiting for BF 4.  Others playing COD.  I'm stuck playing Mafia Wars on FB with some of the other guys when I see them. Guess I'll have to live vicariously through you all.  Kind of feels like the old dial up days.  I have also been getting sentimental for Delta Force Land Warrior & DFTD.  Tried hosting, but was only able to host a game through my LAN setup at home.  Kept the servers: BFBC2, BF2142, BF 1942 DCF, BF Vietnam & Ventrilo for a few weeks, but since the newer games came out, everyone tended to migrate to them.  Decided to save some coinage & shut down the Hypernia Servers.  We continue to host BF1942 DCF & Ventrillo. 
7/1/13 Switched BF 1942 DCF server to host BF Vietnam.
10/29/13 BF4 is released. 
11/16/13 Updated Webpage.

3/26/14 Updated Webpage.  Added new Ventrilo & BF 1942 Server info.
3/21/15 Updated Webpage.
2/24/16 Updated Webpages
1/20/17 Updated Webpages. 
4/8/19 Updated Webpages.  Have been playing DFLW.  Met Velvet in a game the other day. Have hosted
for a few hours too with a new DFLW map that I made.  Looking for some of the old maps and trying to get a dedicated Server together.  I'll keep you posted. 
4/10/20 Updated webpages. 
4/5/21 Updated webpages.